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    I am now using the plugin only on 1 site.
    I am building a new site and I plan to use this plugin also there.

    And I know that Some people will subscribe on both sites, because the topic is similar.

    But when I send the emails I want to send them to the merged lists. How can I achieve that?

    If I sent the newsletter to the list of site A, and also to the list of site B, some users may receive it twice.
    Is there a way to merge the lists?
    What about the possibility for them to unsubscribe? In case a user that is in both lists wants to unsubscribe, will this user, after clicking the unsubscribe link, will unsubscribe from both lists of both sites, or from only just one of them?


    Hi, you should import the subscriber from one site to the other. But I think here you have a business model problem. What about a user which follow the site A to see a newsletter coming from the site B?

    Send the newsletters separately, probably your users are expecting that.



    ok thanks. I think I will make two different templates and tread them as two different businesses, even though I will sponsorize the same stuff…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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