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    Though I am a paid member of this plugin since long but I have never used it to the full potential. Now I would like to 🙂

    I have around 300 new subscribers each month and a total of around 32,000 subscribers.
    I have a requirement to send email to the relatively newer subscribers.
    Is there a way to create monthly subscriber list and mail them the offers ?
    Or any other way to send certain emails to latest 300-400 subscribers only.


    I installed a plugin “import and export users” and exported users for current year in csv file.
    Then I opened the file in excel and removed the unwanted columns keeping only name and email column.
    I then created a new list named users2020 and imported the csv file with following settings
    Import subs as: confirmed
    import mode: update
    lists: users2020
    field separator:comma

    Uploading the file did not work so I opened the csv file in text editor (not excel) and copy pasted the email,name vaues to the csv text box.
    Clicked import and it was done !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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