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    I configured and did BUY Blogger (thenewsletter plugin).
    It works for my events and blog posts fine.
    I also imported +800 subscribers.
    Can I send a newsletter to all 800 subscribers???
    I didnt configure any smtp or mail options, Im not that good with it either.
    Will the wordpress successfully send all 800 newsletters in 1 motion?
    Or do I send 400newsletters to some lists.
    Then the day after, sending the other 400 newsletters to the other lists?
    greets ken


    Hi, the number of emails you can send in a day or per hour depends on your provider. You do not need to split the sending, just set the speed allowed by your provider in the Newsletter main settings and that speed will be respected.


    What do you mean by provider?
    Do i ask this question to my hosting then?
    The hosting company is the provider?
    I didnt configurate any smtp like gmail or something.
    The newsletter plugin worked without me configurating anything. So the mails are limited by the mail provider of my hosting??? Lets say i can send 500 mails / 24 hours.
    Then what configuration should i do if u was me?
    Thanks again for replying.


    Actually i can see the hosting says 3000 mails / day


    So, you can set the speed on the Newsletter plugin’s main setting to a value that is compatible with that limit.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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