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    I have an issue with the plugin.
    I started to use it a few months ago and it perfectly worked : the newsletters (n°1 and 2) had been successfully sent to the 65 persons I wanted (and to the 2 test suscribers as well).
    But now it doesn’t work anymore : our last newsletter (n°3) is indicated as sent to the same 65 persons, but they didn’t receive it (neither in their junk mail). And sending it to the 2 test suscribers doesn’t work either…
    I checked the parameters in Settings/SMTP : everything is ok and if I fill the test suscribers from here, then it works !
    I also tried to change the encoding to “base 64” on main configuration panel, with no success.
    Any idea ?
    Thanks for your answer,


    Hi this is a classic problem which raises when the provider changes his mail filters. Are you using the SMTP? The test from the SMTP panel returns “ok” but the email is not delivered? Tests from the status panel, report any errors? If not then the email is moved to the mail server but the mail server is dropping it. Try to ask the provider.

    If you want to make a test, signup for a free account on mailtrap.io. Use their SMTP parameters and do some tests. Surely you’ll find the email on their console (the grab alll emails and show them on their console). If the emails are there is means the plugin is delivering them to the mail server correctly.

    Let me know, Stefano.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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