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    Hi! Half of the declared functions don’t work:

    1) messages at the time of subscription and at the time other actions do not appear (none at all);
    2) the subscriber profile page is not available;
    3) the subscriber cannot get to his profile page using the links from the confirmation emails, although the link contains the subscriber code (all transitions lead to the subscription page).

    An interesting plugin with interesting features, but there are always some problems even at the very initial stage of configuration.


    Hi, could you help us to understand precisely which are the problems you’re facing? Of course, the subscription messages are a so basic feature that it must work ot noone would use the plugin.

    Could be a recent bug or an incompatibility problem with your blog installation.

    Could you share the blog address and the url of your subscription page (the dedicated page create by newsletter during the welcome wizard)?


    The site is under development and content filling. I opened to you a subscription page.

    Subscription in two stages, sending a confirmation letter and a greeting (in case the subscription is successful) works.

    But at the same time, no notification is issued on the site itself at this time.

    It is also impossible to get to the subscriber’s page, although the link in the letters is correct.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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