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    I read your notes on GDPR compliance but I’m missing one option in the plugin. GDPR forbids to store data forever even after a consent was given (the data storage time has to be written in your privacy-policy/consent page). In case of marketing the currently accepted time span for a marketing campaign are 3 years (in case of my country). That’s why I need an option to (possibly) automatically send an email to each subscriber 3 years from his/her subscription to reconfirm the subscription. This is something different than requesting new consents from subscribers that had already subscribed before 25/5/2018 where it is not needed (as stated in your GDPR notes).
    Are you planning to add such an option? Otherwise the plugin is not fully GDPR compliant.
    Thanks a lot.


    On subscriber management panel you can delete inactive subscribers. Pay attention that GDPR ask to determine the time spam OR the rules you put in place to decide the data retention. If a subscriber continues to interact with you, deleting his data after 3 years, could not be the best choice for your business.

    More here: https://www.thenewsletterplugin.com/gdpr-deleting-obsolete-subscribers



    thank you for the super-fast reply. I totally agree that deleting subscribers after a defined time is not a good idea, that’s why I’d like to ask them to reconfirm/prolong their subscription. What you suggest probably won’t work for me. The newsletters I’ll be sending out will contain mostly (maybe only) invitations to concerts. There is no need for the recipient of the newsletter to click anything in the email – if he’s interested, he’ll just come. Therefore, I’ll probably have most of my subscribers inactive as seen by the plugin but still coming to the concerts and wanting to receive the emails.
    In fact, I have also subscribed to a number of newsletters from different companies where I get it, read it but do not click anything in it.
    I hope I expressed myself clearly 🙂
    Thank you.


    Thinking of that again, what are the actions that the subscriber can do, so that he is considered active. I’m pretty sure that they won’t be changing their profiles. Is there a way when only opening a newsletter (not clicking anything in it) would be recorded as an action? Where do I see the records of such actions?
    Thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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