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    I have two custom forms currently active, and I’ve been trying to force subscribers of one form to be subscribed to a list and subscribers of the other one to be subscribed to a different list.

    However, I am unable to get the registered accounts under a list or another. The only way I can assign a list automatically seems to be by pre-assigning it.

    What I’ve already tested:

    – I created 3 lists, one for a form, one for another, and one for both;

    – I tried to get one list to be set, then two, using both the list and lists shortcodes (from the documentation it’s unclear which is the functioning one);

    – I set the Visibility on every possible setting;

    – I set the lists as Pre-checked and as not Pre-checked;

    – I changed the names of the lists to 1 and 2, to conform with the tags;

    – I tried the putting list/lists shortcode before and after form;

    This is the shortcode I have for the form (which otherwise works fine)

    <?php echo do_shortcode( '[newsletter_form list="2" form="2"]' ); ?>

    I admit I haven’t tried every single combination of these approaches, but I tried to be as comprehensive as possible after realizing that the suggested settings didn’t seem to work.

    As a small addendum, inserting a partially correct test email (abc@abc, without the .com or similar) gets me a blank page with an unformatted “Wrong Email” text. For every other error, the browser simply shows small standard pop-ups indicating that the email is missing an @ or that the policies must be accepted


    Be sure the lists are NOT private. Provate lists cannot be “forced” from a public form.



    The lists’ visibility was set to “Even on subscription forms” for most of my tests:

    My most tested settings

    I also set them as private just in case that was the setting causing the issues, but they weren’t private for most of the tests.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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