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    Is this possible? I would like to exclude from the last 10 newsletters all those who have neither opened nor clicked.

    I would like to write to these recipients, if I can make something better.

    Is there a way? So tell me! 🙂

    der Karsten


    Hi, we have not in the free version the option to retarget who did not interact with the newsletters you sent. Using the reports extension, on each newsletter stats panel is possible to add to a list who did “nothing” on a specific newsletter, anyway this is not an overall analysis of the customers behavior.



    Thanks, Stefano.

    I’m using the pro version. I fount the reports extension.

    If I would add all who did nothing on a single newslettter to a new list,
    and do this again with a second newsletter,
    and from a third:
    Is a recipient who did nothing on all three newsletters only once in the new list or three times?
    And what is with the list he was before? Is he still in it or just in the new list?


    der Karsten

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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