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    Just in time I discovered that the links in my (first) newsletter were not working. I hadn’t noticed yet that links are converted to tokens like http://domain.tmp/?nltr=NjsyO2h0dHA6Ly9oYXJkZXdvb3JkZW4ubmwvdGFnL2thcGl0YWxpc21lLzs7NmUwNGQzM2ZmMjY1NWZmMmY1ZDYyYmZhNWMzZjAzMTc%3D Now it seems that if you duplicate the newsletter or use a sent one (edited elsewhere) to create a new one they are not working any more. I guess this is because I deleted the original newsletter, but am not sure about that. I don’t like this, especially since it is not documented well, or should I say “at all”?


    Hi, the link you reported is a tracked link and it can be found only in a newsletter when read from a mail client. That link is unique per subscriber. You can disable the tracking option in your newsletter if you want to have plain links (of course statistics will be always zero).

    If you have a link like that in your newsletter editor, it means you copied it from an email in your email client. Is this your case?



    Thanks. Yes, I edited the mail in Outlook, because things like table handling, colorsettings are a lot better there. Then copied this into the Newsletter editor. See for another problem I encountered another of my posts. Generally I would like better documentation. And error messages that could lead to a solution.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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