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    I have a problem.
    When I export subscribers from website 1 – (newsletter-subscribers.csv)
    i get erros when i import the subcribers in website 2?

    What am I doing wrong?

    You would expect that if you export a list, then import it into another website. That it just goes well the first time 😉

    Line 1 – Column names: “Email,””Name””,””Surname””,””Gender””,””Status””,””Date””,””Token””,””Profile 1″”,””Profile 2″”,””Profile 3″”,””Profile 4″”,””Profile 5″”,””Profile 6″”,””Profile 7″”,””Profile 8″”,””Profile 9″”,””Profile 10″”,””Profile 11″”,””Profile 12″”,””Profile 13″”,””Profile 14″”,””Profile 15″”,””Profile 16″”,””Profile 17″”,””Profile 18″”,””Profile 19″”,””Profile 20″”,””List 1″”,””List 2″”,””List 3″”,””List 4″”,””List 5″”,””List 6″”,””List 7″”,””List 8″”,””List 9″”,””List 10″”,””List 11″”,””List 12″”,””List 13″”,””List 14″”,””List 15″”,””List 16″”,””List 17″”,””List 18″”,””List 19″”,””List 20″”,””List 21″”,””List 22″”,””List 23″”,””List 24″”,””List 25″”,””List 26″”,””List 27″”,””List 28″”,””List 29″”,””List 30″”,””List 31″”,””List 32″”,””List 33″”,””List 34″”,””List 35″”,””List 36″”,””List 37″”,””List 38″”,””List 39″”,””List 40″”,””Feed by mail””,””Follow up””,””IP””,””Referrer””,””Country”””
    Line 2 – Invalid email address
    Line 3 – Invalid email address
    Line 4 – Invalid email address
    Line 5 – Invalid email address


    Hello, itsme again…

    Search and replace ” for blanc did teh trick 😉


    Hello – I am getting the sae issue right now. Am NOT sure what you meant by “search and replace. What exactly did you do when uploading? Thanks. Deb


    GOT it! Took csv list into notepad and FIND the , and REPLACED with ; . EVERYTHING worked perfectly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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