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    I have setup the Sender email address with the address no-reply@ug.edu.pl but when user receives subscription email they receive it from the account AquaVIP <yyy@gmail.com>

    So, in Settings > Basic settings tab, I have:
    Sender email address : no-reply@ug.edu.pl
    Sender name : AquaVIP

    Note: I have setup my SMTP server with smtp.gmail.com using yyy@gmail.com as authentication.

    Now, when users subscribe, they receive an email with the header: AquaVIP <yyy@gmail.com>

    So, it appears that the Sender Name works fine, but the Sender email address doesn’t take effect!

    Am I missing some configuration here? Or could it be related with the fact that I’m using gmail as my SMTP?

    Please help! It’s embarrassing when subscribers receive an email from my private gmail account!


    Hi I don’t whink gmail, which is a personal mailbox, allows to send emails with a different sender email.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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