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    As the Newsletter plugin “records” a WP-userid in it’s tables, I’d expect the emailaddresses in WP to sync with the emailaddresses in the Newsletter plugin, but it apparently doesn’t.
    I get complaints of users that have changed their emailaddress in their profile but still receiving the newsletters on their old emailaddress. I then manually change the addresses in the plugin 🙁

    If a WP-user changes her’s or his emailaddress in WP, it would be nice that it also would change in the “coupled” reader in the tables of the Newsletterplugin.

    Maybe I have a setting wrong in the plugin which should take care of that?

    I guess the plugin could “hook” in to the WP-profile_update-hook to check for and follow-through with the changes that have been made?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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