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    since last version update (7.3.6) I cannot edit duplicated newsletters.
    I can duplicate a newsletter, view it (preview) and send it (everything works fine), but I cannot edit it anymore. An html-code page is shown for a second, then it shows a blank page. The dom contains a form-element with some html-code. The form-element visibility prop is set to hidden. Seems like the newsletter is not being transformed to an editable newsletter page.
    There is no console error in the developer tools.

    This happens only for old newsletters. When I create a new newsletter, I can duplicate it and edit it.

    Anyone same problem or any ideas how to copy the old newsletter content to a new newsletter?
    Thank you


    I am having a similar problem. Version 7.3.7. I do see a 404 error in the console for wp-admin/admin-ajax.php — which is strange because the file is there.

    I have opened a ticket, but I’m wondering if you found a solution?


    I have tracked the issue to security settings on the server, in my case.


    Hello HandyJoe,
    I didn’t find a solution. We created a new newsletter template. Unfortunately the new editor (newsletter composer?) seems to be more restricted or complicated than before. So we couldn’t recreate exaclty the old design. However now it works.
    Thanks for your message. We had no problem with a 404 error.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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