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    I am having a problem with delivery of a newsletter. I have not changed by settings so it’s not there. I have been using this plugin for a year with no issues but when I sent out the most recent bulletin I didn’t receive a copy in my email (which I am on the list) and I also am showing 0% opens and clicks (normally around 50%).
    Any ideas? Thank you!


    Hi Doreen,
    Checking in the forum I see that we are some having a similar problem. From my part only 40% of my mails seem to have been sent. Checking with my provider we didn’t see any evidence of a problem at the server level.
    May be an indication: for me the sent has been very very long for only 259 subscribers. In, your case does the send speed has been normal?
    From my part I didn’t receive any answer in the forum and have no ideas of what has happened.
    Hope the you will be more lucky than me.


    I have almost 1300 subscribers. I spoke with the host and there’s no evidence of an issue.

    Yesterday I deleted the message which was going out and I sent a brief email message with a link to the newsletter and it went out perfectly with no issues and I see the clicks and opens are normal level.

    Given that, it appears that the issue is with the longer newsletters so I will have to test it again towards the end of the month and see what happens.

    The workaround is fine for my needs because I have a physical file to link to.

    Hopefully it’s a temporary thing which is resolved with the next update.

    Good luck and thank you for reaching out

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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