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    I can’t find any way to delete templates created from newsletters (T button on the right).
    Is it really impossible? I think that a function for deleting or at least modifying the template is a minimum, it’s really missing.
    I can’t even find in the plugin folder where these templates are stored.

    Anyone have a solution?


    Additionally, I tried deleting the plugin and then reinstalling it, to reset the data but once reinstalled, the custom and outdated newsletter templates, which I want to remove, came back!
    Unable to find in the MySQL database where the tables and data affected by this plugin are.
    It still gives me the impression of software that is not clean and poorly finished, which leaves traces and potentially bugs or other problems.
    <br>But why not allow editing of templates, as all newsletter extensions do, and as any user would expect!?


    I overwrote the tables and data after deleting the plugin, I finally managed to delete the newsletter templates this way (and only this way), but upon reinstallation some data automatically returned! It’s quite incomprehensible.
    Not easy to manage this module.


    Hi, templates are manageable from the Newsletters panel, on top there is a menu entry to access the template list.

    The deletion of the plugin does not delete your data, config or templates: this behavior is too dangerous, generally. It’s a design choice, otherwise an unwanted deletion can destroy precious data (newsletters, subscribers, and so one, it’s not only a set of configurations that risk to get lost).

    About the tables, if you need to manage them directly they are all the ones starting with wp_newsletter*.


    Thank you for your reply.

    After several reinstallations, everything looks normal: I now have access to the templates. There must have been a bug or problem because half of the items available now were missing (only two or three items per menu!) and there was no template editing space.

    I understand the choice to keep the data, but I don’t like extensions to leave traces – some plugins leave the choice, in the event of deletion from the admin, to keep the data or overwrite everything, I find that it is the best solution.
    I make my own useful backups for security and the host does full backups daily…
    Maybe this plugin could only keep emails and subscriber lists if deleted.
    Yours sincerely,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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