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    I got several feedbacks from subscribers of my newsletter who received unsubscribing confirmation emails whereas they apparently neither wanted to unsubscribe nor clicked the unsubscribe link. These feedbacks date back from last week-end, while I have been using Newsletter plugin version 6.9.5.

    I don’t believe at first sight this would be due to a mistaken click in the maintenance admin area of the Newsletter plugin, and I am looking for clues to understand the issue and whether it could have happened to other subscribers who did not warn me about.

    In the Subscribers section of the plugin I can see 145 people with “unsubscribed” status (I actually had never checked). Would there be a possibility to know the date at which they unsubscribed ? Maybe somewhere in the database? I would be interested to check whether this is a bulk unsubscription (maybe an admin issue, or a plugin bug) or isolated cases (and that maybe it is finally a mistake which several people did at the same time by coincidence).
    Any other advices would be appreciated of course.



    I eventually fell upon the “log” tab when clicking on “Edit” on each items, which answered my question.
    And it does not seem to be a sudden massive unsubscribing which could have been due to a technical issue.
    I have not much more idea to investigate the issue… might finally be an issue on the receiver’s side…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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