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    HI there,

    We are using Newsletter plugin with rss, but we had an issue…

    We need to put into our automatic newslettter an image with the URL stored in our database->Postmeta->MetaKey “_rss_article_original_image_value_key”

    Most be a custom tag like {blog_url_image} that i can use into my html objets into my new THEME,

    Can you guys contact us at soporte@correomasivocolombia.com with a price for the theme with this custom tag for my meta_key?? of course we gonna get a copy of the pro version also and the extra hours you guys need, contact us as soon as posible please.. we appreciate it



    Hi, did you already created a custom theme for newsletter?


    Yes sir,

    I just created one,

    i duplicate the Vimeo-Like

    Im just in the line #97 in theme.php

    $image = nt_post_image(get_the_ID(), ‘thumbnail’);

    How can i put into that variable the value of the field in my TABLE Postmeta->MetaKey “_rss_article_original_image_value_key” ??

    Thanks you so much i appreciate it !!
    PD:can you guys make a custom design for us?? can i contact you via email and pay for it? thankS!


    We really appreciate your support on this, my email is soporte@correomasivocolombia.com

    Look this is my postmeta table, and the metakey name that i need “_rss_article_original_image_value_key”

    url image


    Hi stefano,

    Please help me out,
    What code do i need to execute this assign with the ID??

    Any example or anything you can provide me so i can start programing the query ,

    How can assign the value to a variable using the ID…?


    ok i got the solution

    $image = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), ‘_rss_article_original_image_value_key’, true );

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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