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    In certain cases where an alternative activation page is used, when a user clicks on the {unsubscription_url} link in their email, it sends them to the website to confirm their unsubscription, basically kicking them to that alternative activation page.

    In my case, I have custom content pertaining to the user’s subscription activation on that page confirming they are about to receive an email to confirm their subscription – not to re-activate, nor any content for unsubscribing.

    If I put the [newsletter_form] shortcode on that page, it confuses the user because they see a small sign-up form again and they think they have to click the subscribe button AGAIN, even though they should be getting an email to activate their email address.

    Furthermore when the user goes to unsubscribe with the {unsubscription_url} link in their email, the landing page still has that custom content to subscribe AS WELL AS the custom unsubscribe text with the {unsubscription_confirm_url} link.

    I want to provide the user a way to confirm their unsubscription from the email because they may accidentally hit that unsubscribe link when they were scrolling on their mobile phone, but the landing page is completely confusing, “subscribe? unsubscribe?”.

    I feel we need a way to have a custom landing page for the unsubscription page. Can we please get this?


    Hi, the [newsletter_form] is only the subscription form, you probably should use the [newsletter] shortcode.



    Even when I use that, regardless it still doesn’t solve the issue of requiring a custom unsubscription page.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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