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    i have custom coded form on my website (wordpress + woocommerce), I use (from documentation) [newsletter_form form=”1”]. Newsletter workig great, except system messages. They don’t appear.
    Messages appear only when I’m using [newsletter], but this form doesn’t suits for me. I have more advanced form.
    Does anyone have any idea how to deal with this problem?

    PS I’m using free version.


    I have the same problem, without “woocommerce”, just with wordpress.
    I’m using version 6.6.9 .

    @ b4siac: Do you already solved this problem?


    Unfortunately no 🙁


    @ b4siac: I have found a solution for our problem.

    1.) Create a wordpress page, with [newsletter_form form="1"].
    2.) Go to “Custom Forms” ands add your custom form at Form 1. Beware of the right “name” attributes for you “input” field.
    3.) Create a new wordpress page, which is dedicated for the “newsletter system messages”
    4.) Go to “General settings” and choose the dedicated page created at 3.)

    => the “custom form” redirects to the “dedicated page”.

    I’ve searched and tried hours for this solution. Now it works very well.
    Hope this helps you too.

    @ Developers: Is this the right way? If yes, please adjust your documentation for “custom forms”.


    Hi, the dedicated page MUST contains ONLY the [newsletter] shortcode without any other parameter. If you use in that page other shortcodes, for example [newsletter_form] the messages cannot be displayed.

    [newsletter_form] can be used in landing pages for example.


    jack239, it works only partly in my case.

    In quick steps:
    1. Client fill the form and should be redirect to page with information about confirmation link in e-mail.
    2. Client get an email with link, click and should be redirect to “thank you page’. but with this plugin we have only one page.
    So, I need two different pages 🙁
    I’m affraid that I have to keep looking. It’s a pity because this one is almost perfect.


    Solve the problem 🙂 This plugin is perfect!


    b4siac, great! 🙂

    How did you do that with a single page and custom forms?


    Alternate Welcome Page URL.
    the only problem is that after unsubscribing from the newsletter, it moves to the confirmation pages instead page with goodbye.
    this is unfortunately not editable.

    isn’t perfect after all 🙁

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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