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    I have a contact form that require one checkbox like this:

    [checkbox* privacy exclusive “Yes” “No”]

    That means the a user MUST select YES or NOT about receiving or not MKT communications.

    How can I set the plugin to send confirmation email ONLY to the person that select YES?

    Thanks in advance

    Luca (from Italy)


    I believe you should switch to the single checkbox like explained in the CF7 integration to allow marketing communication. The idea to show in a web page two exclusive selections yes or not originated from the paper consent collection where a single checkbox can be falsified and so there should be a clear tick on yes or not. In a webpage you can use the checkbox.

    I suppose this requirement comes from a privacy consultant which is used to work with paper privacy collection methods.



    Ok,i check this with my consultant, thanks!

    Can I use this post for another question?
    I’ve a problem with the “activation email” text: I’ve changed the text (and saved!) this morning, but it still send the OLD text… ?!?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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