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    I’ve choosen to make subscription like you advised here:

    After the user is subscribed and confirmed, you can show the profile editing form and ask him to give you some more data.

    Ask just for the e-mail, and then on the welcome page ask for more information. I included on the welcome page {profile_form} for this.

    Now, if the new subscriber fills out the additional fields (first name, family name, gender), and saves the form, he is brought to the standard profile page, where I introduce the page “Hi, this is your profile page. Here you can modify your profile”. —- Well, argh … I would just expect a little confirmation instead “Thank you for completing your profile” …

    (Besides, updating the profile from the profile page gives me an annoying popup saying “Succesfully saved”, instead of rendering this on the newsletter page.)

    Is this the indented behaviour? Or do I oversee something obvious? Or is it a bug? Or is what I want more a feature request?

    Thanks very much in advance considering this!



    Setup the after save message and you’ll have an alter after the profile is saved.



    Yes, I did setup the after save message.
    This brings up a dialog-box with the text, and after “OK”, I’m back to the profile editing page. I think, this is confusing …

    But from you answer I conclude, that this is the intended behavior?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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