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    I have made two custom forms for two different languages. I want the first form to automatically add the subscriber to list 1 and the other to list 2. I cannot get it to work. I am using the short code to include the newsletter form. I tried adding both form and list to the shortcode. That does not work. I have also tried to add a line of code to the form itself, but no luck there either. How can I fix this?


    The shortcode accepts the attribute “lists” where you can specify the list you want the subscriber to be added to. The lists must be public, not private.



    I understand they need to be public (I have set them to only on profile page). Do I need to set pre-assigned and/or pre-checked to yes or does that not do anything in this context? So what would it look like?
    I tried [newsletter_form form="2" list="2"] . That did not work.


    Is there anyone that can write out the correct shortcode to make sure that form 2 automatically adds the subscriber to list 2? somehow I do not get it. I get either the correct list but without the correct form or the correct form but the subscriber than gets added to every list.

    Hector Felan

    I’m having the same exact problem, I cannot get it to work. Please help


    I came on this thread as a newbie while researching the same problem. It took me a day and a half of tests to solve the problem.

    THERE IS NO FUNCTION that allows you to combine a custom form with any dedicated subscription list.
    The shortcode DOES NOT ALLOW you to make the combination like this:-

    [newsletter_form form="1" list="2"]

    or even this…

    [newsletter_form form="1" lists="2"]

    If you want to use a form to send subscribers to one, or two(?), lists then you need to use the default form.

    YOU CAN make changes to the default form to add new fields but this is the only way to enforce a subscription to a dedicated list (it took me several hours to flipping switches and playing with the shortcodes to discover this limit in the plugin’s design).

    The shortcode you need to use would be this.

    [newsletter_form list="n"]

    Where “n” is the number of your chosen list or lists (“n,n,n”).

    The settings in the Lists panel will be something like this:-

    #1 (name) Visibility: Only on profile page Pre-checked: Yes Pre-assigned: No

    As I said, you can make changes to the default form but this will be the only one you can use for dedicated lists until the developers solve this long-standing issue and allow you to combine custom forms with dedicated lists.

    Daniel Richard

    Adding on.

    If you are using HTML code to add a custom form into the site, you can include the following

    <input type="hidden" name="nl[]" value="1">

    Where value=”n” is the list that you want the form to automatically subscribe to the list number that you want. The example code above links it to list number “1”.



    Thank you, just ran the first test and it worked!




    Still doesn’t working for me. Can someone explain me how to add code from Daniel, that it started working?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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