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    Is out API addon installed?


    Hello and thank you for this wonderful plugin!

    I am trying to send a subscription form using REST API to the endpoint mysite.com/wp-json/newsletter/v2/subscribers via a POST request.
    However I can’t manage to have any other response than the “rest_no_route” error.
    Here is what I tried to opened directly from the address bar of my browser in order to find out what could be wrong:
    https://mysite.com/wp-json/ => returns lots of stuff as expected (working)
    https://mysite.com/wpjson/newsletter/ => rest_no_route error (same error when adding for instance /v2 or /v2/subscribers)
    – same issue with both HTTP (after adding define (‘NEWSLETTER_REST_ALLOW_NON_HTTPS_REQUEST’, true); in wp-config.php ) and HTTPS
    – same issue after setting “disable antibot” to YES in TNP’s security preferences

    Has the endpoint address somehow evolved? Did i forget to enable something else in WordPress (first time I try to use the API)?
    Any help appreciated

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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