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    I created an extra profile field (#1) and changed its status so it should be displayed in the registration form. However, it does not get displayed in the form, although I added the correct code (taken from the Newsletter Plugin website):

    [newsletter_field name="profile" number="1" label="City"]

    Instead of the field, I receive an error that the status of this field is set to “private” although this is definitely not the case. I checked this multiple times and changed the status settings back and forth. The field just does not get displayed in the form.

    Hope someone can help figuring out what’s wrong. Is this a bug perhaps?



    Hi, yes that short code has a bug. Already fixed and under testing for the next release (a couple of days).


    Hi Stefano, Thanks for the light speed reply. Ok, I’ll give up trying to get it running then 😉 Will wait until the next release. Thanks again!


    Ah, one more thing: Is there a way to self-fix it with some adjustments in the code? Or any hint where to look for the bug? I would try to custom code it until the new release is out so I can keep using the plugin. Thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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