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    Simply love this plugin.
    The issue I have, is this one:
    How to select the content in one language only or the possibility to select language specific content?

    Wish I could select and send French content for French users, and…
    then select English content for English users.

    Kind Regards,


    You can create two lists (english/french) letting subscribers to choose what they want to receive.



    Thank you Stefano for your reply.

    Here’s how I was trying to explain this issue to Valentyn (WP Multilang, developer). Maybe you will better understand…?

    I just wanted to let you know, in case you have a clue, that Newsletter plugin seems to have a problem when creating an issue to send.

    Ex.: All my articles are available in both languages (FR + EN).
    When I create an issue, the system always pull only the French content. It never pulls the English.

    A clue: when I first install this WordPress, I installed it in French, then I added the English translations to my contents.

    Let’s meditate on this… 😉



    Ok. Found a way to make it work:
    01. Put your site in Maintenance mode;
    02. Visit your sub-site (multisite install): wp-admin/options-general.php
    03. Go down to: Site Language
    04. Swith to English or French
    English will let Newsletter pull only the English versions of your contents
    French will let Newsletter pull only the French versions of your contents

    This is it. Not the most elegant way but still… It works!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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