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    when sending the newsletter, the following undesirable behavior is observed:
    For some recipients, the newsletter is displayed far too narrow on some smartphones. The text is almost illegible.
    If you turn the smartphone to landscape format and then back again, the newsletter is displayed correctly. It is not clear to me on which devices the newsletter is displayed incorrectly.
    On other devices, the newsletter is immediately displayed correctly.
    Is there help for this error?



    Hi, if you find out which device but particularly on which email client we can try to check the problem. Some old email clients do not use the responsive rules and try to fit a “large” email zooming out.
    gmail when used to read emails from non-gmail accounts can ignore the responsive rules, for example.
    The newsletter has been created with the composer?


    Thanks for the answer.
    I am using Ubuntu 22.10, WordPress 6.1.1.
    I’m writing with TheNewsletter’s editor.

    Regarding your questions: I need to find out which mail providers are having the problems: gmail; web; gmx. etc. Is that correct?
    Would it help if I sent you a test newsletter?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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