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    I think, to send automated mails to the customers days later after buying products can be done with Autoresponder Messages. I actually want to request product reviews that the customers can put on the product page.

    In the Autoresponder Message, how can I put user name, product name, and product link shortcodes? I have 20 different products and I should send reminder mail with product link to each specific customer. So the customer could click the product link and leave a review.



    I want to implement something similar to what Beyhan wants to do.

    We want to send automated emails sequence of 3 emails after purchase (even if the user is already on particular list), with the content related to the order.

    I went through the documentation but I didn’t found the answer how to achieve it.

    To trigger email sequence by adding customer to the list will probably not be good idea, because customer who do repeated purchase will be on that list already. Removing from the list and re-adding is not good idea either, because we want to preserve list segmentation.

    How can we relate to particular order in message body?
    How can we implement this behavior keeping in mind that the user can do more orders in the mean time?



    Hi Adam

    The Newsletter plugins doesn’t have this feature, I wish it could.

    But I explored Woocommerce Follow-Ups Plugin (if you use woocommerce). It is excellent and just for that purpose. I am using it and I definately recommend it. I use it for custom discount coupons for each purchase, abandoned charts, review reminders. And there are lot’s of usage areas too.





    Hi Beyhan,

    thanks, Woocommerce Follow-Ups Plugin looks promising.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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