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    After a recent update, the automated newsletter plugin does not show updated previews, it keeps showing the old newsletter in the “theme preview” and “no new posts” in the newsletter preview.

    Also the newsletter sent as test is different from main newsletter sent to subscribers. This behaviour has been from the beginning from many years. The test newsletter has “old posts you might have missed” which shouldn’t be there and the final one sent to subscribers has all the posts as they should appear. Kinda weird. We use your software on 5-6 websites and these issues are present on all of them. We use DIVI theme.

    I hope u can test your updates before rolling them out. This is terrible.



    Hi, for Automated addon, please open a support ticket.

    BTW the theme preview is simply a generic preview of what the theme could generate. The newsletter preview is what it would be included in the newsletter IF it is generated in that moment (since the generated newsletter depends on the new content).

    If there is new content and the filter selection on automated should get it out but it doesn’t happen, there could be a bug or a problem into the theme.

    Which version of automated are you using? Version 4.4.2? Which theme are you using? The default one or a custom one? Please note: the “theme” is not the blog theme, but the automated newsletter theme.



    I use Newsletter 6.4.7 and Automated 4.4.2. I haven’t used it in a while, but now suddenly no previews are shown anymore. Nor for normal newsletters nor for the automated newsletters. It says “There are 15 new posts ready for the next automated newsletter”, but the previews are empty.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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