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    My Newsletter template has a couple of places for images that I insert from my media library. In the past, I chose “Add Media”, then chose the image with the appropriate dimensions for that place (e.g., one place is for an image 620px wide, another is a thumbnail of 150px). My WordPress DB is setup to create these image sizes for me when I upload an image to the Media DB.

    This dispaly of the Media Library – with the menu for the custom sizes – is how I see my Media Library when making new Posts in WP.

    When choosing “Add Media” from the Newsletter editor, it no longer shows me these menus, it just shows me the images in my Media Library, but with no option to chose a size. When I then chose the image, it is now TOO BIG for the place I want to put it in my Newsletter.

    Is this an intended change to Newsletter’s handling of “Add Media”, or a bug?




    Hi we’re aware of the problem. The new media selector of wordpress when opened outside a post panel does not show the size selector. We do not know why and asked support to the community since even on other plugins there is the same problem.

    Meanwhile you should upload an image of the right dimensions.

    As soon as we find out the problem will release an update.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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