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    Hi there.

    First of all, what a great plugin. I’m thinking of getting the premium version if it proves to work as good as I think.

    There’s a one little hiccup though. I’ve set up the SMTP settings, run the test and the email got delivered to my test email addresses (@gmail and @icloud).

    The problem is on the subscription side of things. When I subscribe, the activation is not getting delivered, neither is the welcome email (when I disable the double opt-in). When I manually confirmed (in settings) both of the email addresses I subscribed with and then sent out a test Newsletter to the list on which both of these addresses are, it got delivered like a charm.

    Just to clarify – I’ve checked the spam folders and I’m using a @mydomain email address to send out emails.

    Why is that? Why do you think Activation and Welcome emails are not being delivered?

    Thank you.



    Hi, be sure the SMTP is active after you test it. Can you run a test from the status panel and see what is reported?


    Thank you for a quick response. it’s much appreciated.

    When I run a test from the status page it shows the following notification:
    Anyway if the message does not appear the mailbox (check even the spam folder) you can read more here.

    This is the email I receive:
    This is an HTML test email sent using the sender data set on Newsletter main setting. This is a link to an external site.


    Still not working. Is there any way I can get help from creators of this plugin? Thank you.


    Hi, I’m having the same issues. Signing up with single or double opt in. Once user registers no email is received afterward to confirm. From the control panel on WordPress if I hit resend activation / welcome the email arrives.

    Test email reports success and SMTP settings are handled by WP site as they use Rackspace email and SMTP settings. All other emails are working fine across the rest of my site. Would appreciate any help on this asap. Thanks, N


    I’m having the exact same problem. Happens all the time in the exact same sequence.
    I ran all of the following tests:
    WP Mail SMTP Email Test: OK
    TNP System Delivery Diagnostic: OK
    TNP Activation Send a test: OK
    TNP New subscriber activation: Fails – SMTP Error Could not authenticate
    TNP “Resend activation” button for that subscriber: OK
    Really hope you have a solution. I really don’t know what to do next 🙁


    If it can help, I enabled the TNP Log = Debug and I have a set of log files for:
    “TNP New subscriber activation: Fails – SMTP Error Could not authenticate”
    and another set of logfiles for:
    “TNP Resend activation button for that subscriber: OK”
    I will be happy to send them if you wish.



    Never mind.
    I’m going to uninstall this plug-in and go with another that has better support.


    It looks like the automatic Activation email is not sent exactly the same way as when you use the re-send button on a subscriber’s record. The WP Mail SMTP plug-in doesn’t like the way the automatic Activation email is being sent but has no problem passing on the re-sends.
    I found a way to bypass the issue by installing the SMTP Addon plug-in (available from the TNP website but not on the WordPress repository). It provides the same function as the discontinued SMTP options and sends both initial Activation emails and re-sends successfully.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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