This is a specific support request when emails are not delivered or your newsletters keep stuck on “sending” status or you have an admin notice about the scheduler not working.

Be sure to have the latest Newsletter version (if not, please tell us the version you’re running) and check out our support page to solve the most common delivery issues.

If emails are not delivered to your subscribers

  1. Run a delivery test from the Newsletter System/Delivery Diagnostic panel
  2. Check on Newsletter System/Status panel which “mailer” you’re using and if there are reported errors
  3. If you’re using a Newsletter Delivery Addon, run a test from its configuration panel
  4. Check if you’re using an SMTP plugin: if so, do a delivery test from that plugin

If you have alerts about the scheduler or newsletter delivery is stuck

  1. Check the Tools/Site Health panel on your site where WordPress reports all possible system problems
  2. Install the Wp Crontol plugin, which shows all background jobs running in your site and their problems
  3. Take a screenshot of the WP Crontol job list (under Tools/Cron Events)
  4. Take a screenshot of the Newsletter System/Scheduler panel

Premium support is available only to customers with a valid license.

Anyway, the steps listed above can help a lot in finding the source of the problem. Don’t forget to check out our specific documentation: The Delivery Issues page and the Delivery Speed and Scheduler Problems page.

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