This is a specific support request for the Automated Addon.

Be sure to have the latest Newsletter version and the latest Automated Addon version installed.

Wrong delivery hour (DST problems)

If in your country there is a seasonal hour change (DST), Automated can get wrong since the WordPress scheduler does not automatically correct the delivery time (Automated is still reporting the right hour on configuration pages). We’re trying to find a solution, meanwhile, you need to re-save each channel so the internal WP scheduler is adjusted.

Some deliveries have been skipped

Usually is due to a wrong template configuration. Check the posts block and its filtering conditions to be sure it can find new posts to be sent. The posts block, adds to the filter the timestamp of the last delivery to not include “old” posts (if configured for this behavior): while composing this extra filter is not active so you can see even the old posts.

If you have more than one posts block, and every block is configured to “stop” the newsletter when there are no new posts, be sure all of them can find something to include or configure just one block to “stop” the newsletter generation.

Automated creates two newsletters and not just one

Check if the channel has been configured with a second delivery time (used to send twice in a day).

Premium support is available only to customers with a valid license.

Anyway, the steps listed above can help a lot in finding the source of the problem. Don’t forget to check out our specific documentation: the Automated Addon page.