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WordPress Users Integration Extension Version 1.0.7

By February 14, 2018February 16th, 2018No Comments

The Newsletter Plugin offers a free extension to integrate the regular WordPress users with the subscribers’ table. This extension (you can install it from your Newsletter extensions panel page) intercept the regular WordPress user registration and subscribes the collected email address.

Of course you can make that subscription an explicit choice configuring the extension to add a checkbox to the WordPress standard registration form.

On our latest version, the integration allows a more in-depth configuration on how that subscription should be managed. Should the plugin consider the subscriber already confirmed or an activation email is required? Should the welcome email sent or not? Can the integration consider the user first login as an activation?

We reviewed the configuration panel to make those choices more clear and easier to understand. If you’re using the WordPress Users Integration extension it’s worth to give a look to its configuration and tweaks if required.

What you should check:

  • the subscription coming from a registration should be considered confirmed or does it require the activation flow?
  • should the plugin send the confirmation email or just rely to the first user login?
  • should the user login confirm the connected subscription?
  • should the plugin send the welcome email?

The integration is not limited to the standard registration process every blog has by default.

If you use a plugin for custom registration and profile editing forms, the integration works fine if they fire (directly or indirectly) the user_register event. Most of them are already perfectly compatible since they use the standard WordPress Code API for user creation which take care to fire the event.