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A useful new diagnostic tool: the status panel!

By January 13, 2017No Comments
The New Status Panel

Few months ago we started to collect, group and analyse all the support requests (both from premium users and bloggers who use the free Newsletter version). We faced a lot of different setups, configurations, hosting services and found out the common problems a blogger could face using a plugin which sends emails.

So, in order to help all the Newsletter users we created a “system status” panel, available to everyone, which analyses all the blog parameters relevant to Newsletter and give a rank to each one: OK, KO and MAYBE (with explanations on how to solve the problem).

We’re not going deep on the tech details, because you know, they’re boring : )

Instead we’re inviting all the Newsletter users to enter that panel and check out this new feature and share your feedbacks on what you see: do you have you a lot of red Ko’s? What is reported as non working properly?

In this round up we would like to better understand the common problems blogs are facing with a mail marketing system, which is probably one of the software which mostly needs all the blog resources to be reliable: database, cpu, scheduler, mail server and so on.

So, let’s share your statuses!