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How to use WooCommerce Extension for customers segmentation

By October 11, 2017No Comments

With WooCommerce Extension 1.2.1 you will now be able to create rules based on products or categories, which will make your list’s effectiveness grow along with your sales. Once you start to segment the subscribers by their orders, you can send newsletters to strictly in-target subscribers, reducing the number of cancellations, spam problems and raising the opens and clic rates. Here’s an handy real-world example.

Suppose you’re selling sport and outdoor products and you want to create two lists of subscribers, one aimed to give informations on sports world and the other on outdoor equipment. To automatically link every customer to one of these lists, you can set up a rule telling the extension to add his email to the list relative to his order. If a customer buys products that triggers more than one rule, he will be added to the relative lists.



Now that these self-populating lists are set up, you are able to send newsletter with marketing news, special sales, offers, cross and upsells and so on to subscribers with real interests in that kind of information.

How to use WooCommerce Extension with Automated 

Automated Extension lets to create automatic newsletters and have them sent according to a specific schedule to a particular list. If from your outdoor equipment e-commerce you also regularly post articles about outdoor and sport worlds (as you should!), with Automated you can create two channels (or magazines, if you prefer) that send their respective subscribers to keep them engaged.

Have a great selling experience with Newsletter and its extensions ; )

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