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Tnp Tips #3: Import a list of WordPress users and ask them to confirm

By July 15, 2016No Comments

The Subscribers panel is a fundamental part of Newsletter and it’s where you can manage your subscriber list: search, edit, create, import and export are some of the most common features. But it not limited to these operations: statistical data, bounce list import, massive actions are features available for advanced users.

Today we will see how to import a list of WordPress users as unconfirmed and ask them to confirm.

  1. Go to Newletter -> Subscribers and click on Massive Changes button
  2. On Import WordPress users section select With status Not Confirmed and presso GO
  3. Now you should create a regular newsletter and address it to not confirmed subscribers. In the message you have to add the {subscription_confirm_url} tag as in the normal confirmation message (configurable on Subscription panel).
  4. Send the newsletter and wait for the users!