Be sure to have the latest Newsletter version and the latest addon version if the issue involves one of the professional addons. Here some points that help solve the problem as quickly as possible:

  1. Report only one problem per ticket so it can be assigned to the right support person. Please, open different tickets for different issues.
  2. If you cannot update the Newsletter plugin or the involved addons, please report their version.
  3. If the problem is about sending emails, use this page to ask for support.

License renewal and promotions

If you wish to renew your license, you will find a renew button inside your account page usually 21 days before license expiration.
During special sales, you can buy a discounted license but it will not add up to your current license and it will expire after 12 months.

Premium support is available only to customers with a valid license.

Don’t forget to check out our comprehensive documentation: you can find how to configure the Newsletter plugin, all the Professional Addons, and many tips and tricks