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Subscription From Registration Review

By April 2, 201321 Comments

Newsletter plugin continues to work as it did till now, but I would extend the optional subscribe-while-registering-to-the-blog feature and I would find the better way to deal with that considering all the aspects of this subscription mode.

Newsletter plugin can optionally subscribe a user when he is registering to a blog. This is useful when the blog ask users to register to use special services, like a forum. This blog is not an exception: to post to the forum one’s required to register.

But to effectively combine the registration and the newsletter sign up I think the actual integration must be reviewed. Below I’ll try to explain the scenario I need to consider and I would ask your opinion to find the better way to adjust the Newsletter plugin.

I need to respect the double opt in

Double opt in requires a subscriber to confirm his intention to subscribe, following a special and personalized link he finds on an activation email. This is the only way to grant he was the one trying the subscription with that email address. In many countries that procedure is a law requirement.

The normal WordPress registration is similar to a double opt in since upon registration a password is emailed to the specified address. If the registrant is the owner of the address he can access, otherwise not.

Actually, adding a second double opt in to subscribe the blog newsletter is a bit redundant, while skipping the double opt in (you can force that) can be against local laws.

A proposal: check the log in

With that in mind, I thought if it can be effective to use the first log in as a confirmation. Try to follow me (assuming the Newsletter is working with double opt in active):

  1. a user register to the blog specifying an email address (and specifying he want to subscribe the newsletter)
  2. Newsletter plugin register him as unconfirmed (but silently without sending emails)
  3. WordPress sends the password to that email address
  4. The user log in for the first time
  5. Newsletter detects that log in and confirm the subscription

Of course I expect a new registered user to log in ASAP otherwise there was no sense to register to the blog.

Optionally Newsletter plugin can send the welcome email after that first log in driven confirmation.

What do you think? I’m anxious to have some comments to understand if that scenario is good or has flaws… and if I should start to code it inside Newsletter. Thank you!

Please reserve the comment area below only to discuss this proposal. Other questions should be asked in the forum.

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