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Required Update: Addons Manager 1.0.9

By September 12, 2019No Comments

In order to improve how the Newsletter addons (free and premium) can be safely updated and to make Newsletter even more light and less resource consuming, we are refactoring the update process with important changes in Newsletter, Addons Manager and finally in our addons.

To keep the update process correctly working, we invite you to update the Addons Manager to the latest version (1.0.9 while writing) and to update Newsletter if a new version is available in your blog.

If you have not an update notice for our Addons Manager in the plugins panel, just enter the Newsletter main setting page and save (that refreshes the version cache).

Shortly we’ll introduce a new license format, easy to use and with more purchase options and the new Addons Manager will be able to keep everything automated without the need to hand-install or hand-update the addons. Your time is precious and should not wasted in technical which should be totally automated!

There is even some “hidden” changes in our addons. A new format let us to avoid version conflict problem which form time could happen on blogs with many plugins installed. Recently we solved the conflict between our Amazon SES Addon and the BackWpUp plugin: both were using the Official Amazon SDK and now they can live together without interfering anymore.