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Reports 4.3.1 is out now

By February 27, 2020No Comments

Reports 4.3.1 is out now, with a revamped user interface, new metrics and retargeting options. Updates is available now for all paying customers, directly from WordPress updates panel.

Here’s a breakdown of the metrics available:

  • Reach: Total number of subcribers who received the newsletter
  • Opens: Percentage of subscribers who opened the newsletter
  • Clicks: Percentage of subscribers who clicked any link inside the newsletter
  • Reactivity: Ratio of subscribers who clicked inside the newsletter against total of subscribers who opened the newsletter
  • Opens/Sent: pie chart of opened newsletters out of the sent total
  • Clicks/Opens: pie chart of clicked links out of the opened newsletters
  • Cancellations: number of subscribers who clicked on unsubscription link
  • Errors: unsent newsletters due to any reasons
  • Geo map: shows opens in a world map, by country
  • Interactions over time: shows opens and clicks over time, day by day