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PHP API and REST API Launched

By March 1, 2018March 2nd, 2021No Comments

Say hello to the official Newsletter API

To further move in the direction of an email marketing platform, The Newsletter Plugin needed a set of stable and easy to use API layer. API, Application Program Interface, are a set of services the plugin makes available to interact with its core functionalities in a clear way.

We released the API in two flavors: PHP API which can be used by coders directly in the blog (inside plugins and themes) and REST API, using the WordPress JSON REST API library, suitable for integration with external services, like a CRM package.

Both PHP API and REST API uses the same syntax and data structure. Full documentation can be found on Newsletter API developers page. Documentation and API exposed services will be improved over next months and we’re listening to your requests as well: be sure to raise your feedback on our forum.

The JSON REST API are available using the API extension (free), while the PHP API are packaged in the core.

Let’s start coding with Newsletter API today and share your needs and your projects with us!