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Our Composer Now in The New Automated Addon

By July 31, 2019No Comments

A must have plugin that needs to be included in every publisher toolbox is the Automated addon: it automatically creates newsletters from the blog content based on a flexible calendar you can easily configure (daily, weekly, monthly and so on).

With Automated last update, newsletters can now be created with our brand new composer, using its configurable blocks, with total freedom over the layout and appearance. Since it’s been out for a couple of months now, you probably already got comfortable with our composer so having it even inside Automated makes the channels configuration even easier: but this is only one of the advantages.

By creating the Automated channel theme with the composer, you can add as many dynamics blogs you want. For example you can add three “latest posts” blocks where each one extracts from different categories. And mix up static blocks with dynamic ones.

And yes, every dynamic block is regenerated when it’s time to create a new newsletter and the whole system is able to detect if there is no new content and skip to the next scheduled delivery (without sending already seen content to your subscribers).

And what about the old themes and custom themes?

Nothing will change! You can still use the old themes and your custom themes are preserved as well and will continue to work: you can decide to create a channel with the composer or a classic channel with the standard themes.

Here is a screenshot of the new channel list. Note the two “new channel” buttons and how the second (new) channel has the new “Design” button.



Is possible to convert an old channel to a new one?

Not yet, we’re still working on that since we want to be sure it will be a perfect conversion (and with clear indications on what you would need to reconfigure!).

Can I create a new channel and disable the old one?

Of course yes. You can create a new channel, bind it to the old channel list, copy the schedule and start with the new one.

The channel design panel looks like the standard newsletter composer panel with the main editor area and the blocks sidebar. Here’s an example:



In the channel configuration panel, where you can set the scheduling, you’ll find a preview of the newsletter with every block regenerated to show the latest content. Note the subject which is the one suggested by the first block in the layout (in this case it correspond to the first post listed).


And what about custom post types?

One of the limitation of the old Automated themes was the custom post types management. With the composer, custom post types can be added using out specialized blocks (for events, products or generic CPTs) so you can combine different kind of content sources in the same Automated channel. Great, isn’t it?

And the subject?

The classic automated channel is able to set a dynamic subject based on last extracted post. Even with blocks, this feature is still there: dynamic blocks can “suggest” a subject and you can use it to create the final newsletter subject (it is worth to mention that we already support dynamic date in the subject using the {date} newsletter tag).

Please refer to our Automated Addon documentation for more detailed feature description.