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Not Secure PHP Versions You Should Dismiss

By February 20, 2018No Comments

From time to time we get reports of PHP errors on Dashboard of the Newsletter plugin and the reason is the blog is running on an old PHP version (5.2).

We all know WordPress can run on PHP 5.2 but this is not a reason to still use PHP 5.2. Having a software compatible with PHP 5.2 doesn’t means we should use PHP 5.2.

PHP 5.2 is DEAD (mamny years ago).

To be more precise, only PHP 5.6 is still under support for security patches. You can read more on PHP official pages. See the picture below:

Even the WordPress team is thinking to totally remove support to such a old version of PHP and start to use the new features of PHP 7. Hence you should ask your provider to quickly move to a new version of PHP if they’re still using unsupported versions!