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Newsletter: Manually Approve the Subscribers

By December 27, 2013No Comments

Recently I’ve been asked if it’s possible to manually approve subscribers without letting them to confirm the subscription since only a moderator can confirm them after some checks.

There are two ways to do it.

Using private preferences (best choice)

The first solution is to use a private preference (see the subscription form configuration panel). When a user subscribe he can confirm his address in the usual way so the list is “clean” of bad or mistype addresses.

Then a moderator can take care of the new subscribers checking them and activating the private preference if they should receive the newsletter.

When a newsletter has to be sent, while composing it it’s easy to target only the subscribers with the private preference active. You can think that private preference as a flag which discriminates between normal users and premium users.

This way is easy to get off a user from that privileged group just setting off the specific preference.

Removing the confirmation link

A second less clean way is to use the double opt in (default for a first time installation) and remove the confirmation link from the confirmation message.

This way the user cannot confirm his subscription and a moderator can activate it manually. The confirmation message should be transformed in a welcome message with indications about the manual check and activation of the subscription.

The main problem is that on notification messages are sent by Newsletter for unconfirmed subscriptions.

So, the best solution is to use a private preference.

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