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Newsletter Amazon SES Addon and BackWpUp Plugin Conflict Resolved

By September 12, 2019No Comments

Lately we received a couple of reports about conflicts between our Amazon SES Addon and something else in the blog. Finally we found out that the famous BackWpUp plugin was using the same Amazon SDK (software development kit) as included in our addon and it can not be activated twice.

We quickly solve that issue talking with the BackUpWp team and now with the latest version of our Amazon SES Addon there should be no more problem. Probably even BackUpWp will be updated to avoid other possible conflicts with other plugins which use the same SDK.

When our addon detects the possible conflict, a warning is shown in its administration page. It should help in finding out unrecoverable conflicts as well.

The Amazon SES Addons integrates Newsletter with the Amazon Simple Email Service, which is one of the most cheap and reliable mail delivery service in the market. Of course our integration manages even the bounces reported by Amazon, so the sender reputation is kept high.

Amazon SES is cheap but there is a drawback: they have not a real console where to monitor the emails which are sent, just a simple statistics panel. So if you’re sending a low number of emails you can find more confortable to use a more user-friendly service, like SendGrid, Mailjet, SparkPost and so on. Some of them have free plans as well.

To know more about spam issues and how they can be solved with reliable delivery service, you can read our documentation page “Spam Issues with Newsletter plugin“. It is a general reading with concepts that can be applied to every spam problem of email sent from a WordPress blog.