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Newsletter 6.3.0: The New Mailing Engine

By October 7, 2019No Comments

With version 6.3.0 of Newsletter we totally rewrote the internal mailing system. This effort aimed to gain more control over errors and an easy way to integrate external delivery services.

Inside the Newsletter Status page, now you can see which mailer is actually active to better understand those situations where the delivery seems to be troublesome. And with the next releases of our integrations, better limits and errors management will be implemented to leverage the control options provided by those services.

As you know, each newsletter can have a pure text part, which is still considered by some spam filters a non-spam ranking factor. WordPress does not support natively messages with both a rich text and a plain text part, so we implemented a workaround solve that problem keeping the compatibility with almost all the SMTP plugins (except for the new Postman SMTP plugin version – we’re working on that).

The recently appeared issue of unreported error email messages to the “return path” address configured in Newsletter main settings and used by our Bounce Addon should definitively be solved, doesn’t matter if you’re using WordPress to send emails or an SMTP plugin.

The “direct emailing” option has been totally removed from Newsletter main settings. That option was causing confusion and that feature is actually no more needed. The less, when possible, the better.

Few other minor fixes has been incorporated in this release to make Newsletter even more reliable.

What’s coming

The mailing system revision will be followed by an update of all our integrations, so be sure to have the Addon Manager installed to get the updates.

A new license system will be put in place shortly to make less complicated the renewal process and easy to install both free and paid addons.

The composer will be integrated on the Autoresponder Addon as well, so you can craft much cooler email series getting control on every minimal aspect of your messages (the “old” system based on themes will be maintained, don’t worry).

Much more is on our list, stay tuned!