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Newsletter 6.2.0 and The New Addon Format

By September 25, 2019No Comments

You may have noticed a set of updates to our free and paid addons after the public release of Newsletter 6.2.0. We updated the internal format of our addons to reach better performance levels with a greater coordination between the addons and the core.

Now the addons activate features, and hence consume resources, only when really needed, relying on Newsletter core events. More, a new loading paradigm ensures the addons are loaded only after Newsletter is effectively active and initialized: less checks are required and the version mismatch immediately detected.

Of course compatibility is almost always granted, but we suggest to update Newsletter and all the addons to benefits of our improvement work.

What’s coming down the pike? We’re working on a better mail delivery system to help you quickly detect and solve the most common delivery problems. Articles and a new improved SMTP addon are on the way. And the main integrations with mailing services will benefit of a new “turbo” feature to be able to use the full service capacity.

The next important step is the Autoresponder new version where emails can be created with our composer. Should be available in few weeks.