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Newsletter 3.9.1 Released

Newsletter 3.9.1 Released


Hello everybody !

With the aim to simplify the Newsletter plugin options ì and to make it even better, this release makes the new URLs Newsletters uses for its “actions” definitive ( it was introduced as an alternative few versions ago to avoid spam filters).

The antibot/anticache system is now active by default and it should prevent the confirmation links from not working properly (which rarely happened, anyway). vA note: plugins which “clean” the URLs removing URLs parameters are still a problem for Newsletter, as is any other plugin which needs to create “action links”. WordPress SEO has this option (not active by default) and should be deactivated in order for Newsletter to work properly. Even the tracking links are now changed definitively to the new format, always to avoid spam filters.

The confirmation, welcome and goodbye emails template from now on can be customized only from the administration panels, the involved PHP files will be removed in the near future.

Since a lot of changes have been included in this version, we are actively monitoring issues eventually reported in our channels: the forum (here and on, Facebook, our ticket system and, of course, our email. We strongly encourage to report any kind of issues you may come across.

A final note: we are making the plugin compatible with the new service, so the administration side will be translatable online with dynamic language pack downloaded directly from We are reviewing the labels and messages to reduce the work of translators, and moving part of the documentation inside the plugin in our site.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for further updates : )
The Newsletter Team