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Hello dear Newsletter users !

We are glad to announce that Newsletter 3.9.0 is out now and it really fixes a lot of things so updating is strongly suggested to everyone. This version has also a new core working mode for subscriptions, introduced to support the forthcoming new version of Feed by Mail Extension. From now on, the same email address can be subscribed twice or more, with different preferences or fields and each subscription will be merged to the previous one. Nothing changes in the subscriber experience: the subscription and confirmation steps remain the same as before.

A fully explanatory article will be published shortly. Stay tuned.

Here is a brief list of introduced changes:

  • support for multi subscription merge
  • adjusted the javascript used for antibot purposes for browsers which don’t support javascript
  • adjusted the antibot feature on subscription
  • normalized the antibot feature on other actions (cancellation, confirmation and so on)
  • fixed debug notices
  • added support for new Report Extension features (for beta testers)

Have a cool email marketing!