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Newsletter 3.8.8 Released

By September 1, 2015March 22nd, 2016No Comments
Newsletter 3.8.8 Released

Newsletter 3.8.8 Released


Hello Newsletter users,

lately we’ve been working a lot on some minor improvements and general bug fixes, aiming to get rid of most issues before moving on the forthcoming Newsletter 4 development.
Inside this release you’ll find a simple new Call To Action theme with a largely used layout for call to action/marketing emails. Form shortcodes now support a layout attribute to generate a table-less form (that should be skinned, anyway). Take a look at the documentation for more details.

Form building shortcodes should work as expected, even if the actual release is planned for version 3.9.0. You should be able to safely use them. Is worth to note that all shortcodes now support “confirmation_url” attribute so you can redirect the subscriber to a custom page for each form or you can keep using the old global URL/message from the subscription steps panel.
The logo selector issue in blog info panel has been fixed (sometimes the logo was replace by its thumbnail). Default theme has also been fixed accordingly.

That’s all for now dear people,
stay tuned in the next weeks for some more great news.

The Newsletter Team